There is something wrong with my car. What should I do?

First things first. Bring your car into see us. We need to see and hear firsthand what problems your vehicle is exhibiting. We need as much information as possible to make an accurate diagnosis. When explaining symptoms to the Service Consultant, please try to include as many details as possible. Make sure we are aware of noises, smells, visual clues like smoke or dark exhaust, vibrations, malfunctioning components, warning lights, etc. Most times, a quick look under the hood or up on the hoist can tell us plenty, but often the tech will test drive your vehicle to try and duplicate any driveabliity issues you are experiencing.

Once we determine what repairs are required, we will compile a parts and labour repair quote. On your approval, we proceed with the repairs. We recommend that you allow 2-3 hours to be without your car for most repairs, unless it major work is required, then we may need a day or two. Please arrange for a ride to and from our shop. Although we would love to offer drop off and pick up service to all of our customers, unfortuantely we cannot always accomodate these requests.

We will never do unauthorized work on your vehicle. Sometimes, when carrying out work on your vehicle we discover other problems that require attention. Rest assured that we will never pressure you or upsell unnecessary repairs. We will notify you with our recommendations, prioritizing the further required repairs on your car, and indicate any safety issues that should be addressed first. Certainly brakes, steering and suspension are important components of your vehicle and should not be ignored. We want to make sure that you walk away with a better understanding of your vehicle so we encourage our customers to ask questions about their vehicles and the work performed. It doesn’t hurt to keep a log of your vehicle’s repairs and maintenence services, especially if you use several companies to look after your car.

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